Vlog 4 - Day 17 to 20 ish

Follow the link to see the video update - https://youtu.be/GlrPd7SnkAE

Sharing the true challenge of attempting such a mammoth task, Idai, World Record holder on a ElliptiGO shares the truth.

VLOG 4 - You will get to hear from Idai Makaya who is the world record holder for Lands End to John O'Groats, he gives insight into the real challenges when taking on a World Record of this magnitude. Nahla travels through St Davids and back into the England as part of her 5000 mile, 72 city UK and Ireland, ElliptiGO world record attempt. Rather than asking for a donation, she asks for people to sponsor her with an act of kindness for a stranger. Show your support by submitting an act of kindness and following her journey on sunshinepeople.org.uk

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