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Want to win tickets to the best family festival in town? We have a pair of weekend tickets to giveaway for none other than THE Camp Bestival. The incredible family music festival. However, what do you have to do? Just be kind and share it. It is literally that simple.

We are looking to add to the 1 million acts of kindness Sunshine People goal and Camp Bestival is supporting it by giving away a pair of tickets worth approximately £450 to encourage a little bit more kindness in the world.

To enter there is a two-stage process

1. Simple go to this page, click HERE - Enter your details and of course your kindness story. Select ‘Organisation’ from the drop down menu and enter #campbestivalkindness to make sure your entry is logged.

2. Then share that kindness story on your social media, Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok in any form you like, a picture, video or just words, but you must use the hashtag #campbestivalkindness for us to find it.

To be eligible you must complete both the stages above.

The competition will run from the 2nd May to the 28th May 2022. Acts of kindness logged between these dates will be entered into the competition when you use the hashtag #campbestivalkindness in the ‘Organisation’ drop down menu.

We will be looking to share the story and winner. It can be a kindness story that has

happened at any time, either to you or something you felt compelled to do. We would love to hear the impact that it has had on you or those around you. Remember kindness is defined as many values; empathy, giving time, showing gratitude, moments of connection that make a difference for people. You can enter as many entries as you like of genuine kindness stories, the more you enter, the more likely you are to win.

Winners will be chosen at random, they will be announced on the 29th May. The giveaway is not endorsed, administered or sponsored by Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok.

Go to to find out all the event details

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