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13th Nov - make a heart - #sponsorkindness

Come join us and make a heart shape on your daily exercise routine

on November 13th, World Kindness day. 


Fancy doing something on World Kindness day that supports unity and community?  We have the solution.

 Each year on World Kindness day, the Sunshine People community decided to make heart shaped journeys and record them.  They wanted to do something that unified them and the desire to see kindness in community.  Sunshine People was formed to support the message that when we focus on human connection and kindness first, then as a society we succeed.


We have made it easy for everyone to get involved.  Map your heart shaped route, 100 metres or 100 miles makes no difference, we only care about the shape.  Record the route.  (Need help with that?  Click here).  You can stop there if you wish, however if you could email us the GPX data (Click here to email) we will add it to a map of hearts and share it back with you. Pretty cool!

Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 11.35.31.png

If you aren't feeling like the physical challenge, then you can follow Nahla on the live tracker Click here to follow her completing a 200 mile heart over the Tees Valley which will look like this when finished.  She will start on the Saturday 11th November with the aim is to complete on Monday 13th November, World Kindness Day.

She asks people to simply show support by doing an act of kindness in some form and adding it to the tally to gather 1 million acts of kindness.

Special thanks to ...

Stockton Hub

Stockton BID



more to follow......

Live Tracker


Some very clever people @zerosixzeromap have made it possible for you to see in real time exactly where Nahla is whilst she completes this years 200 mile heart challenge.  You will be able to follow her movements from Saturday 11th November.


We hope you'll enjoy watching her journey.  She has promised to be back on social media for the event, so follow on Nahla Summers Adventurer page on Facebook or Instagram to see how it all plays out.

(If you want to connect with Nahla professionally, please head over to

How to make heart

Completing your GPS ‘Heart’ on world kindness day takes a few steps and a little bit of planning, but not a lot.  


Firstly, you will need a GPS tracker app.  This could be Strava, mapymyrun, mapmywalk, Komoot, or any other GPS app.  If you are a subscriber to any GPS app you will be able to always draw out a route for you to then complete and record for evidence.


If you are a subscriber to an app, simply head over to their, ‘Help’ or ‘Support’ section and you will no doubt find a handy guide. 

Komoot provides an example here.

I have given a very short tutorial here on how you can make your heart route on Komoot. 

What happens if you don’t have an app and don’t want to subscribe.  My advice is to plan your route out on google maps.  

Or any of these other free apps

·       Google Maps - Multi-purpose.

·       MapQuest - Road Trips.

·       Plotaroute - Outdoor Activities.

·       Waze - Multi-purpose.


I have completed a short video here to show you on to do this on Google Maps but you can find more complete written instructions here on how to make your route.


This is the video on how you can map a ‘Heart’ route on google maps. 

So, you have your route, you should be able to access this on your phone or print out the map.  The important thing is that when you follow it, whether that be by running, walking, cycling your route that you track it, many people have a watch that can do this now, but you can also do it through any of the apps mentioned above which for just tracking tends to be free on any app. 


Any questions just pop them on an email to with any queries and we will endeavour to help you. 

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