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Sunshine People was set up to highlight the changes in our society and the need to stay connected through kindness.  It has never been as important in our education and leadership with the shift towards technology to keep human connection at the forefront of our conversations. 


Set up after her partner died on a charity cycle challenge the founder, Nahla Summers, completes a challenge each year and asks people to show their support, not by donating money to a charity but by doing an act of kindness for a stranger instead. 

She started by doing smaller challenges and asking her friends and family to complete acts of kindness. What started to emerge was a wave of kindness stories that was changing hearts and minds.  Ultimately, changing the way people saw the world and it has inspired her to keep going and make her challenges even bigger and better then before. 

So in 2018, Nahla cycled 3000 miles across America after purchasing her bike just six weeks prior.  She is a woman who understands the power of the mind and a ‘can do’ attitude. 

In 2019, she walked from Swanage, Dorset to Gretna Green, a total of 500 miles, visiting schools along the way, promoting kindness through speaking, workshops and more Sunshine People events. She promotes the ties that kindness, a higher emotional intelligence and wellbeing has on society and wants to promote this from the bottom up.

In 2020, we will see Nahla take on 20 challenges in 20 countries, with a dedicated social media team and cinematographer on board.  A film will be produced and you will be able to follow the progress and antics of the challenges through our media. All the challenges will be based on the principals of kindness.  Feed 100 people with £10, a day of free listening, give 100 hugs, build a well and so on. The idea is start the biggest global movement towards kindness.

Nahla became the accidental collector of kindness as she travelled around the world living through the things her and her partner had wanted to do. It allowed her to see that at the heart of our working environments and the problems within many of them is 'Unkindness'.  She wrote 'A Culture of Kindness' that demonstrates the theory of building the 'Culture of Kindness house' and how every leader and organisation can make positive change in their environments.  Kindness truly has the power to change lives. 

Sunshine People is growing all the time, with the youth workshops, the merchandise intended to keep spreading the message and remind people of our most precious actions.  To celebrate Kindness, the Sunshine People will host the Kindness Awards ceremony set for 2021 and a corporate program to support improvements in workplaces.  


We continue to build our ambassador program, where you have the opportunity to be involved with the very heart of the Sunshine People mission.  

If you are interested in hearing more on Sunshine People simple get in touch below. 

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