Be 1 in a million

How do you become 1 in a Million?

In a world that needs us to be a little more connected, it is time to inspire and show the world how connected we are by raising 1 million acts of kindness.  


To join in and inspire, simply share the act of kindness you have completed.


We have made it super simple to be 1 in a million. 

There are two ways in which you can share.

In the form below you can either write your own story to share your act of kindness with the world OR use the pre-filled drop down list to pick the act of kindness you have achieved. 


You will need to add your details to avoid spam and if you have completed your act of kindness on behalf of your organisation, we would love to know who you work for so we can say well done to that organisation for having such a great team.

Even the smallest acts can have huge impacts on society so please share it below for it to be included in our 1 in a million target.

your kindness act

Tell us about your act of kindness to go towards the 1 million acts of kindness



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