Too busy to do an act of kindness?

You don’t know what you are missing. I would also suggest that if you are too busy to be kind you have not felt all of your happiness. Being and doing for others is the reason for our existence. It was why there was so many of us put on the earth, some with more challenges than others, to see who would be the ones to step up and help.

I have experienced many people who have said, ‘I hold down a job’, ‘I am studying’, ‘I have 2 children’ and sometimes all of them. ‘I don’t have time for kindness, I barely have enough time to be kind to myself’.

I challenge this with the following. There is a lady on my facebook and has had some experiences in the past with domestic violence. She has fortunately found love with her new fiancé. However, she recently set up a group where she collected a number of toys, wash stuff and Easter eggs for the children and mothers who reside at the local refuge. I watched as she organized and built an online community of people who had not been previously aware of this particular need, people looking through their cupboards to find suitable gifts. She has 5 children, time is precious to her and she chose to spend it on those that need it more.

That’s 5 children, its quite hard to compare how busy that is for someone who has only ever known two foster children that in comparison seems a piece of cake, but she still finds something that she is able to do for others in her community.

So I challenge you, what will you do today? What will you do for someone to make their day better? Have our egos of how we look and need for material items made us lose what is important?

When we get to our final days will you ask yourself, I could have done it better, I could have done more for others? Because when we stop looking inwards and see the world, we will indeed be greater than we have ever been in our communities.

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