Do you share your kindness with the world?

I was told when I was young that in Islam the beggar does not say thank you for money because it is deemed as a pleasure to give rather than receive.

This fact has always stuck with me, always making me mindful of generosity and how that is displayed and received.

So recently, I was reminded of this when I came across a guy who had commented on a social media post where someone was sharing the support they had given to a homeless person, he was criticizing the story saying that he did that without needing to shout about it. It got me thinking more about whether, was it better to give quietly or tell the world of your generosity?

When someone with money gives it away, in truth it’s the easiest gift they can give. It is a small hit of joy that enters them, “I’ve done good today”, and truly it is good but it is about power and as I have previously blogged about, I believe we really only give when we give of ourselves equally.

So, should we be quiet in our generosity and how does that serve our communities and teach our next generation to make the world kinder and more considerate. I am starting to believe that all acts of kindness, compassion and empathy should be shared, encouraged and taught. It is often questioned why not just complete the act of kindness? Why in deed do you need to broadcast it to the world? Why do I ask people to sponsor me acts of kindness?

On this earth, that can so easily destroy itself and each other, the new world of social media is one that needs to start being exploited for good, to encourage a generation that’s main aims are to make the world kinder. So don’t share your act of kindness with the world to massage an ego, do it because you want to inspire a generation and improved way of living. I think that sounds like a etiquette to set for ourselves.

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