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THe kindness movement

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Providing education, tools and inspiration for culture change in society to improve our wellbeing - through the understanding and promotion of kindness.

Sunshine People is a global movement where people share kindness and are motivated to take action to inspire society. From workshops and a full assembly program in schools to corporate organisational change, Sunshine People and its support is effecting all areas of the world.  

Research, media and events are all being produced to support the kindness movement set to bring us back to each other. 

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School assembly program





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Do your act of kindness to show your support, click here and it will be added to the counter below towards the 1 million goal.  

Alternatively by sharing it on social media and using the #sponsorkindness you will be counted towards being 1 in a million.

Total acts to date

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Be 1 in
a million

Be 1 in a million and share your act of kindness right here.

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Who's taking

Check out the organisations that are already getting behind the challenge.

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Are you part of an organisation that wants to encourage Kindness as part of their ethos.

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Be inspired

We share some of the wonderful examples of kindness during the 1 million acts campaign

What is #sponsorkindness ?

#sponsorkindness was really where the origins of Sunshine People started and where the School Assembly program, which is now the main aim was born. 


Nahla started Sunshine People back in 2013 because she wanted to see what would happen if our successes were not simply measured by money, how much we earn, how much we raise or even how much we put on life; but instead measured by great human connections. She commenced the unique idea of completing a sponsored challenge each year and asked people to show support by doing an act of kindness for a stranger.  


You can find out more about some of these below, including where she made an Official Guinness World Record by travelling 5007 miles on an ElliptiGO bike and hopes that eventually through the power of the Sunshine People community will raise 1 million acts of kindness.  Challenging the idea that human connection and kindness has more value than money to build a society.

The details of some of her challenges are shown below.

You can find out more about Nahla at 

World Kindness day Heart challenge 

200 mile GPS heart across the North East of England

The 2022 guinness
World Record

World Record for furthest distance on ElliptiGO in 24 hours

More here soon >

The 2021
Couch to Marathon just 21 days

More here soon >

The 2020 Guinness
World Record

5007 miles on an ElliptiGO through every city in the UK

THe 2019 Walk 500 miles UK 

In 2019, Nahla walked 500 miles from South to North England....

THe 2018 Cycle across America 

In 2018, Nahla cycled 3000 miles across America...  

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