Acts of kindness

Keep track of our target to raise 1 million acts of kindness in 2020 here: 

Total acts to date

Prefilled kindness
Held the door open

Signed up to Macmillan brave to shave.

I bought paint and provided brushes and a microwave for a young gito who

was moving into her own flat after just having a baby

My name is Alex and I send Hedgehugs to friends and loved ones across the UK. To celebrate, I am sending a wonderful make from a talented fellow crafter, Crafts by Finella, to one of my customers.

My daughter and I walked around the local neighbourhood this morning and left little random acts of kindness at 14 houses - a little crochet heart deciration and a note 😊❤️

Not sure if this counts but waiting to get a pasty in Rowes by chiverton island near truro I felt i wanted to I paid for an paramedics lunch so put my card over the card reader

I put a credit on a friends account so she can buy horse feed for her riding stable horses as with the current situation she’s obviously been closed.

Smile at a passerby

a two way act of kindness:

A lady was looking for something that I had, I no longer had a use for and said she could have mine. The lady was going to collect from me, however I had to pop out and knew I’d be in her area so messaged to say I could drop it off. She was very grateful and she thanked me and presented me with a voucher to redeem on one of her healing services like Hopi ear candling.

Making book bags and book marks for a local charity that assists children with reading

Making twiddle muffs for dementia patients at a local care home

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