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There is an extremely talented support team with Nahla, people that will document and organise behind the scenes.  


Businesses will also get the bonus opportunity to partner with the 2020 Sunshine People challenge by being part of the documentary.

There will also be a chance for individuals to get involved too through the 'support us' button at the top of this page. 


There will be some incredible opportunities that should not be missed but they will be limited so you'll need to be quick.


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Kindness costs nothing and the effects are far greater. 

Nahla Summers, the founder of Sunshine People, for her 2020 challenge will set about breaking a World Record on an ElliptiGO bike. She will be over four months travelling over 5000 miles visiting every city in the UK.  (This has had to change from the European route, but this will be completed as part of the 2021 challenge).

She will carry out her own acts of kindness along the way, including supporting similar social movements towards positive change.


The challenge will start on the 1st August in the UK and all the details of the route can be seen on her Komoot account, Nahlasummers. 

It will be made into a film and have dedicated support of social media and film support with her. As well as film distribution people working on getting the film out to the world. 

This is not a 'fluffy' mission but a series conversation and awareness raising of how we interact within society from Politics to media to education.  To make change we need to see change. 

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We will post regular vlogs to you tube from the trip and regular lives to facebook.