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CSR Businesses support SCHOOl 

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Are you looking for ways to support the community? 

Are you aware of the challenge with education right now? 

Do you want to support the next generation ready for the world of work? 


We have the answer!


We gathered teachers feedback from all over the country and discovered they realise that the curriculum is not built to cover all the topics to improve Emotional Intelligence. So with a steering group of teachers we designed something that will change that and best of all it will be free to schools, but only with your help.


Sunshine People is a not-for-profit that provides resources to schools to improve emotional resilience and literacy in schools. We have a focus on kindness, inclusive of empathy, gratitude, emotional intelligence, listening, integrity, trust, connection and courage.


We provide lots of inspiration already but we want to make a tangible difference to the employability of our young people in their emotional ability to enter the world of work and support mental health.

 We understand that starts early in their education. With the need evident, in less than 12 months we will be launching a full 5 year suite of assembly programs to enhance emotional learning and resilience, this will be provided to certain schools free of charge where we have companies who have paid for these on behalf of them. The budgets on schools is always under strain and we know there are some exceptional organisations who want to support the young people in their areas, so we have found an easy way to do this. 

With the support of just £800 initial support, £100 each year for continued support maintenance you will, over a 10 year period positively impact the Emotional Intelligence of the next generation.  For an average school, this would directly impact 10,000 children to improve mental health and emotional interactions in work and at home.  Not only that but those children throughout their lives will on average, impact 189 people.  Therefore, the interactions of at least 1,890,000 humans will be healthier because of your support.  This is not simply about the immediate impact on the young people, it is about building a healthier cohesive society and overall a more sustainable future.

To register your interest in supporting this program, please register your interest below.

If you have any problems with this form simply email


(I can also guarantee you will be the most loved organisation in your area! :) )


We are also happy to chat about this some more and we have provided a link to an example of the type of videos we provide to schools, also a video by Nahla the founder explaining her reasons why and how the idea came about. 

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Register your interest here.

You will hear from us shortly!

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