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Nov 13, 2018

Walking 500 miles ......


So this is the 2019 Sunshine People challenge. When you think cycling across America couldn't be more of a challenge, 2019 challenge might just top it.

The event will start in mid February in Swanage, Dorset. Nahla will then spend the next six weeks walking North until she reaches, Gretna Green, on her birthday on the 30th March 2019.

It will be cold and it will be slow but it will not be boring. This time, Nahla is asking strangers to #walkwithme to keep her company, share their stories of kindness and life. You can find her on the app, Map my walk,

on the preplanned route, 'Walk with me for kindness'.

She will be visiting 19 schools promoting kindness along the way with some schools who are always seeking out ways to support our young to be there best. This will be done through speaking with the students and conducting workshops that are all based on promoting kindness.

Media coverage and videos of the event will be provided and we do love when you follow them as we find it promotes more kindness, thats what we are told anyway.

Did I mention it was going to be cold, like freezing cold.........for that alone it must deserve a #sponsorkindness to show your support for the upcoming challenge. Thank you in advance for your act of kindness.



Brilliant idea. Good luck and keep smiling Nahla. I have wanted to do a litter pick because it is depressing to look at. Your idea of acts of kindness struck me as an ideal way to support you and your wonderful walk. I have bought a big supply of bags. Ruth


Ah love this idea. Makes it nice for everyone. ❤️

I saw a lady who was homeless looking through the reduced food then counting her money. She was about to put one item back so I gave her £1 this way she would of eaten that night. This was my act of kindness ❤️

This is humanity at its greatest. ❤️ thank you ❤️

Feb 17

A recently bereaved elderly couple needed legal services this week to compile and register their lasting Powers of Attorney. Their reosurces are very limited and as a result they were very concerned about cost. With the marvellous Sunshine People mission at the fore of my mind I have taken a tiny step of kindness, and waived all fees for the work. Thanks to Nahla xx

Wow, that’s so impactful. They must be feeling overwhelmed and will never forget that. Big ripples. ❤️

My act of kindness I had some make up money credit from my website and one of my friends is really down about her skin at the moment so I used the credit to send her out a face mask that I hope will help with her breakouts, she really is such a lovely lady to, mum to 4 kids always helps others before herself to.

What a wonderful way to brighten someone’s day and ensure they know they are valued and loved. ❤️ love this

So we have a few little acts of kindness for you while we have been on holiday... They are often the sort of little gestures that go unnoticed. Whilst taking a break on our first run a youngish girl walked down and threw her skis next to us. Visibly upset while on the phone she struggled and struggled to get her skis back on.... we tried Shetoncalmnher down and help her clean the snow off her boots to get in her bindings. She didn't speak English well but explained that she had been trying to get them on for 20 minutes! So was very grateful for the help.

The next is how many times my lovely hubby has stopped to help various people with directions or build confidence. To the point that yesterday he pulled a boy up a slope to reach his parents!

I love that by asking for acts of kindness you help us to see the good in everyday ecents and appreciate those around us too xxx

Wow. Completely overwhelmed by this story of kindness. One that demonstrates the power of a conversation about kindness. So much love. ❤️

Just a small gesture from me. My lovely though very private next door neighbour is travelling everyday to visit her terminally ill husband in hospital over 20 miles away. She doesn't drive so she relies on lifts from friends and the bus. She knows I am ready to help her if ever she's stuck but apart from that ... today was bin day and I noticed that she had put out recycling stuff instead of rubbish and of course it has been left on the road. Hardly surprising that she has lost track of time so I have brought it back along the path to her door to save her trekking back and fore in the dark when she gets home this evening. I left a note with love and hugs for them both.

Love this and what a difference to her day that will make. ❤️⭐️

Hi Nahla 👋🏽

As our act of kindness my husband David and i both volunteer 3 times a week at our Blue Cross charity store.

We think you are amazing and are in complete awe of you ♡

Jojo x

Thank you so much Jyoti. Volunteering is hugely important to community’s but also the world. Amazing ❤️

Myself and my seven year old son have been tidying up the communal areas in our small close where we live for the last year or so. Now we have finally got a small garden area up together and to a usuable condition so we have started a 'flower club'. This is to encourage neighbours young or old to come and join us in planting some seeds either in individual pots to take home at a later date or to keep in the garden area itself. they can come and watch them grow, have a chat with others and hopefully from this more support/acts of kindness will be exchanged between neighbours.

Hi Nahla, our first act of kindness for your challenge was to have you stay with us last night 😃 It was hugely wonderful to meet you and hear all about your journey 🤗. More will come xx 😘

Hi, so whilst you have been battling the wind, I have been busying myself indoors with my act of kindness.

A friend and colleague of mine has been struggling the last few weeks as turning 50 has brought back memories of his Dad dying suddenly at 50. This week will be his last week in our office, before he moves to another job on promotion.


So to make him smile on a Monday morning and set his week off to a good start - I made this for him.


Hope he likes it


Big hugs. Xxx

Hi Nahla, sorry I missed your walk through Wiltshire. I was keen to join you for a few miles after hearing your story when we met late last year. I had planned on buying you a 'cup of tea' as my act of kindness but was unfortunately unable to commit. The next best thing I could do was prepare a package containing lots of snacks, cakes and sweets to help power you through a day or two's walking. I strategically positioned the cache on the Canal at Semington (between Bradford-on-Avon and Devizes ) where it couldn't be missed (or could it!).


Later that day I visited your FB page to discover you were ahead of schedule and therefore this random act of kindness would be missed for ever.... (or would it!) I wanted you to be aware of the act only so you could count it towards your target of 500 acts, I therefore posted a picture of the package to your Facebook page (in a somewhat anonymous manner).


Had you been on schedule you would have discovered the parcel around 10:00 and very few people would have seen it, or the note I left (note not clear on picture I posted on Facebook so I have added it below). The good news is this parcel would have been on display for lots to see and I hope the general public followed my instruction! I also like to think that the contents of the package will have been enjoyed by many and it did't not to waste!



Note on Package



On a bridge along the Kennet and Avon canal at Semington


My act of kindness is helping collect things for the homeless. I have quilts. Hats.Scarfes etc to donate. I have also put together a dignity box to give to the homelss with things in like nappies. Tolietries . Pads etc

So, the other day a lady from the residential home close to me was out for her daily walk with her Zimmer frame.

It was so icy and very slippery so I slowed my run to a walk, to walk and chat with her along the lane until we reached the gritted road through the village.

Good luck with the rest of your journey, you are doing amazingly well so far despite the cold, wet and windy conditions. Xx

Today my act of kindness is about a woman i helped at the checkouts at B&M she had 3 children who were quite young and frusrated and was short on change for a gallon of milk and other essentials so my husband and i paid the amount on top of her bill for her essential groceries.



Good afternoon, the act of kindness myself and my wife do every year is help the homeless with gloves, hat and scarf as a homeless box with other little essentials.


Keep going Nahla you are a truly inspirational woman


Good luck on your 500 mile walk.




Hey Nahla,


My act of kindness last saturday was a donation to the St Basils charity that helps with the young and homeless.


I hope the walk is going well.


Love Prem x

Inspired by following you on social media, I began teaching my bi-weekly high school special education social skills group lessons on kindness. We watched video models of people doing kind things, discussed feelings associated with kindness, and wrote thank you cards to people to thank them for their kindness. We delivered the cards across the school. We now continue checking in bi-weekly on acts of kindness we have witnessed throughout our days. And we keep kindness logs to document our acts of kindness! So far, one student helped someone carry their pocket book, one student helped another cut their lunch food, and another held the door open!

My boss offered free night for Nahla in luxury B and B on Sunday.

I’ve done an act of kindness for nature today and picked up all the litter in the town’s main carpark.

I am really happy that two of my dear friends from different parts of my life have offered to host Nahla, one near Penrith and the other near Carlisle. I know they will enjoy the experience so I feel that sharing Nahla with them is an act of kindness to them!

Yesterday, gave change to a chap at the carpark in town so he could buy his parking ticket ... a jolly encounter.

New Posts
  • This event is dedicated to Sofia Khosla. Sofia was 14 when she sadly passed away 6 years ago. On the 12th April she would have been 21 years old. A beautiful girl with a contagious smile and laugh, she had a big heart and loved helping people. So it is fitting that her family have asked that this year to mark her 21st birthday, for you to simply do an act of kindness in her memory. Please do tell her family what you have completed and allow her memory to be remembered in the ripples of kindness that will be felt on her 21st.
  • I am cycling 3055 miles from one side of North America to the other; San Diego to St Augustine (West Coast to East Coast). I have set a target of two months to complete the challenge. Where possible I will be staying in a house thanks to the kindness of strangers that we meet along the way, largely found at . I have completed a number of challenges over the years but this is by far my most ambitious yet. In the spirit of Sunshine People, I will not be asking people for money, but for them to show me their support by completing a whopping 3055 acts of kindness for strangers. I can not wait to hear the stories about the acts of kindness that you have completed. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!