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Apr 10, 2018

In memory of Sofia Khosla



This event is dedicated to Sofia Khosla. Sofia was 14 when she sadly passed away 6 years ago. On the 12th April she would have been 21 years old. A beautiful girl with a contagious smile and laugh, she had a big heart and loved helping people. So it is fitting that her family have asked that this year to mark her 21st birthday, for you to simply do an act of kindness in her memory. Please do tell her family what you have completed and allow her memory to be remembered in the ripples of kindness that will be felt on her 21st.





Apr 15, 2018

In loving memory of our Sofia:

We made chocolate crispy cakes with kids today and took them to our local soup kitchen, where they were gracefully received. I was really proud of Amiya and Shrey as they didn’t ask to eat one (I did let them lick the bowl though).


Apr 19, 2018

The day before yesterday, I saw a man cycling with lots of bags on his bike. He had a sign on the back saying 'hitchhiking to Florida'. I had been waiting for something good to do in Sofia's memory so I stopped, cleared out the bottom of the van and offered him a lift. (We just about fit all of his gear in the van!)

The man's name was Patrick, and he was deaf. I had learnt some very basic sign language for a previous job (where one of my clients was deaf), and introduced myself and asked if he needed anything. We then started writing notes to each other, asking where each other were headed and what our stories were.

I ended up giving Patrick a lift for 60 miles, paying for his lunch and a short ferry ride which Nahla and myself were taking that day too.

Although what we said to each other was extremely limited, he was hugely grateful for the random act of kindness.

Had I not been thinking of Sofia and a way to sponsor some kindness, I probably would have driven past and thought 'someone else will do it'.

May 6, 2018

On Wednesday me and my friend Poppy volunteered for an organisation called FoodCycle. FoodCycle are given left over food from supermarkets which is cooked up and served to anyone who wants to join. There is no criteria for who can come but it mostly consists of those who are homeless, older or lonely. I was part of the hosting team serving our food, checking everything was ok and chatting to near everyone’s wonderful & interesting stories. Everyone was so grateful for the volunteers giving their time. Thank you Sofia Khosla for inspiring me to brighten up other peoples days the way that you do 💜

May 26, 2018

We know Sof loved dogs and so Robbie, Reema & I bought lots of dog treats, food, toys and other goodies and today Robbie and I dropped them off at a local cat and dog rescue / rehoming centre. Hopefully this will cheer the dogs up 💗 we’re feeling inspired to continue acts of kindness throughout the year and will donate regularly to the centre (who were very very grateful) . Their logo and signs are bright purple too 💜💜💜


May 31, 2018

As my act of kindness for beautiful Sof on Thursday May 31st I went to work in a charity shop for cancer research as a volunteer for the day it made me realise how vital it is to volunteer because the shops are mainly run by them so the research can carry on in the hope that one day there will be a 100% cure so thankyou Sof because of you I have pledged to go & volunteer every month something I probably would not of done if it was not in your memory miss you every day Sof love you forever 💜

New Posts
  • So this is the 2019 Sunshine People challenge. When you think cycling across America couldn't be more of a challenge, 2019 challenge might just top it. The event will start in mid February in Swanage, Dorset. Nahla will then spend the next six weeks walking North until she reaches, Gretna Green, on her birthday on the 30th March 2019. It will be cold and it will be slow but it will not be boring. This time, Nahla is asking strangers to #walkwithme to keep her company, share their stories of kindness and life. You can find her on the app, Map my walk, on the preplanned route, 'Walk with me for kindness'. She will be visiting 19 schools promoting kindness along the way with some schools who are always seeking out ways to support our young to be there best. This will be done through speaking with the students and conducting workshops that are all based on promoting kindness. Media coverage and videos of the event will be provided and we do love when you follow them as we find it promotes more kindness, thats what we are told anyway. Did I mention it was going to be cold, like freezing cold.........for that alone it must deserve a #sponsorkindness to show your support for the upcoming challenge. Thank you in advance for your act of kindness.
  • I am cycling 3055 miles from one side of North America to the other; San Diego to St Augustine (West Coast to East Coast). I have set a target of two months to complete the challenge. Where possible I will be staying in a house thanks to the kindness of strangers that we meet along the way, largely found at . I have completed a number of challenges over the years but this is by far my most ambitious yet. In the spirit of Sunshine People, I will not be asking people for money, but for them to show me their support by completing a whopping 3055 acts of kindness for strangers. I can not wait to hear the stories about the acts of kindness that you have completed. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!