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Jan 2, 2018

Cycle across America challenge


Edited: Mar 31, 2018

I am cycling 3055 miles from one side of North America to the other; San Diego to St Augustine (West Coast to East Coast). I have set a target of two months to complete the challenge. Where possible I will be staying in a house thanks to the kindness of strangers that we meet along the way, largely found at .

I have completed a number of challenges over the years but this is by far my most ambitious yet. In the spirit of Sunshine People, I will not be asking people for money, but for them to show me their support by completing a whopping 3055 acts of kindness for strangers.


I can not wait to hear the stories about the acts of kindness that you have completed.

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!

Jan 29, 2018Edited: Feb 22, 2018

Hey Nahla, here's the first donation of many more to come:

Through a friend of a friend I met a stranger, who needed help with drones. This stranger was of course YOU! I gave you my advise and the conversation developed into something so much more... I did not know you 3 weeks ago, but now we have this incredible adventure planned! I've decided to give 2 months of my time to help you document this journey, can't wait! Thanks for the inspiration!

Feb 4, 2018

Maybe not a true gesture of kindness, but a start. You see, I know this crazy woman, she likes to set herself tasks that will make you tired just thinking about doing them while you sit on your sofa. If you think that’s crazy, she asks for not a penny! But instead she asks for acts of kindness towards one another. So on her latest challenge I sent her some of my wife’s cycle clothes, and shoes to help her. She really is an inspiration to all and I wish her my best wishes.

Doing something crafty…


My first handmade donation this year is a knitted scarf for ‘Helping Hands’ in Portsmouth who work to give homeless people food, comfort and support on the streets…next I’m learning to crochet so I can make an octopus or two for a premature baby. Can you knit, crochet, stitch? There are numerous charities out there that need scarves, hats and gloves for the homeless to keep warm, hats, cardi’s, blankets and octopuses for tiny babies, mending for those whose fingers don’t obey their commands anymore, or even just donating your old wool and needles to a women’s

refuge or a knitted square to a charity that makes

snuggle blankets for children in care. #sponsoredkindness

Feb 19, 2018

“There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.”


My act of kindness is on its way to you in the form of a rechargeable light set.


Much love




:) / Hr


Feb 22, 2018

My 10 year old daughter is donating her hair to the little princess trust on 8th March she is getting 32 cm cut off. This charity makes wigs for children who have lost hair through cancer and other illnesses.

Feb 22, 2018

What's a good use for a big truck? Pulling cars out of the snowbank. Welcome to snowy Ontario, Canada to the out of country students and first winter driving.

Feb 25, 2018

I'm excited for you! You really are an inspiration, such a grand soul.


My pledge on top of all the other things I do daily is this; there is a store in my town that focuses on locally sourced and or all organic products. In the deli section they have built a "giving tree" wherein folks that have a little extra money can purchese a meal and leave the card on the tree for folks thst may not be in a position to buy from them. Going to go in once a week for a month and put a card on that I'm donating amazing food to some locals in need ;)


Good luck and goddesses speed on your journey!



Feb 26, 2018

We were shocked at the litter that was all around our village so we decided we would spend the day litter picking for the animals and the environment. More to do this weekend and we will have completed our section for all the residents.

Mar 1, 2018Edited: Mar 1, 2018

So... I went to collect my dad from the MOT garage which is next to a hardware store (not the act of kindness) and saw an old man struggling to balance an oversized piece of wood between the posts in the trolley bay to saw it to fit his car as I drove past... so I swung the van back around and offerd to drop it at home in my van instead of him trying to saw it where it would hit the floor and likely be damaged... he was very happy ☺️

Mar 3, 2018

Finished helping a friend fix his plumbing then fix the hole in his wall required to complete the job. Random act of kindness is my friend brought me real vanilla from Mexico as a thank you. Will make great pancakes.

Mar 4, 2018

So it’s been snowing in Dorset (UK) and 89 year old Jim lives on his own across the road to me! Went to check he was ok and had enough food in.. he didn’t so I got him to write a list and I walked 300 meters down the icy road to get his shopping and a bunch of daffodils to brighten his day.. 😊


Mar 6, 2018

Hey Nahla. Just heard about Sunshine people for the first time on Spotlight. What an inspiration you are. Tomorrow, I am off to do a random act of kindness but in the true spirit of a random act of kindness, only the recipient will know about it, so saying no

more on that except only a simple thing but it will put a smile

on someone's face 😊. Instead, the one I will share with you here is an idea I have piggy backed from previous posts - putting together a box of goodies, one a day for the rest of the year and then handing it over to a food bank at Christmas

Mar 6, 2018Edited: Mar 6, 2018

Hey Nahla, I know this isn't entirely what it's about but there's a few beers on the way to give you a little uplift on your journey, you can do it!


I'll do an extra act of kindness for you tomorrow!


Best of luck!

Hi , again I saw you on spotlight and I fell in love with your idea for asking for ‘random acts of kindness’ as I also feel they are so special. I bought a cold homeless man a late yesterday so I will include that as (1) I will also do a post this evening on both my Instagram platforms @Lois_diamond @the_one_woman_army and I’m going to tag Scarlet muffet and try and get her to support your projects. I will keep an eye of your journey and read and learn about new acts of kinds of try them out too! Go Nahla you will be getting a few Instagram shout out from me to support your journey xxx

Mar 7, 2018

Hello hello, I was sent here by the magical Daniel Garnet! For my act of kindness, I'll be volunteering my time to a crisis text line, so I may provide support, understanding and compassion to anyone in need, anyone that feels alone, anyone that feels they can't reach out to anyone else. Best of luck on your journey!

Mar 8, 2018

Hey lovely 😊 our first act of kindness was prompted by the snow ❄️ (I know crazy for the first weekend in March!!) the boys shovelled all the snow off our elderly neighbours drive and then spread grit over it so they could get in and out safely! You are awesome chick!! Stay strong xxx

Mar 9, 2018

Hello sister! Soooooo everyday I’m doing some act of kindness but you know I’m shy to post sooooo today I thought I would tell you that my act of kindness was letting a big water tanker go ahead of me in the road. Poor guy had been waiting at the roundabout for a while and so I let him in in your honor! I got 3 thank you waves so score! Peace, Love, and Light my friend...may your path be illuminated with all that is good. Xo

Mar 10, 2018

So far my first act of kindness since you started but hopefully not the last.


My partner had an operation on Monday 5th March, and has been in a state of recovery where she can't be alone and has taken time off of work in order to recover for the next two weeks. I've spent my week in her parents house with her, so they can all keep going to work and not halt their lives in order to keep her safe and not alone.


All the best to you on your ride, Nahla. I hope Jason is doing his job looking after you, and all of us at home are enjoying his great VLOGs about it. Good Luck!

Mar 10, 2018

My colleague at work got a new job and of course we wanted him to have a leaving card. He is almost completely blind however, and unable to read. I organised for everyone to type up their leaving messages so I could get them transcribed into Braille. He was so, so, so excited and so happy that we had given him his first ever leaving card that he could touch and read. I’ll never forget how much it meant to him. Good luck on this adventure! X

Mar 13, 2018

A small act of kindness today by of donating some tinned soups and veg to the local foodbank. Saw someone else post about the foodbank and gave me the insperation to donate. Loving the vlogs and keep up the amazing work & progress!

New Posts
  • So this is the 2019 Sunshine People challenge. When you think cycling across America couldn't be more of a challenge, 2019 challenge might just top it. The event will start in mid February in Swanage, Dorset. Nahla will then spend the next six weeks walking North until she reaches, Gretna Green, on her birthday on the 30th March 2019. It will be cold and it will be slow but it will not be boring. This time, Nahla is asking strangers to #walkwithme to keep her company, share their stories of kindness and life. You can find her on the app, Map my walk, on the preplanned route, 'Walk with me for kindness'. She will be visiting 19 schools promoting kindness along the way with some schools who are always seeking out ways to support our young to be there best. This will be done through speaking with the students and conducting workshops that are all based on promoting kindness. Media coverage and videos of the event will be provided and we do love when you follow them as we find it promotes more kindness, thats what we are told anyway. Did I mention it was going to be cold, like freezing cold.........for that alone it must deserve a #sponsorkindness to show your support for the upcoming challenge. Thank you in advance for your act of kindness.
  • This event is dedicated to Sofia Khosla. Sofia was 14 when she sadly passed away 6 years ago. On the 12th April she would have been 21 years old. A beautiful girl with a contagious smile and laugh, she had a big heart and loved helping people. So it is fitting that her family have asked that this year to mark her 21st birthday, for you to simply do an act of kindness in her memory. Please do tell her family what you have completed and allow her memory to be remembered in the ripples of kindness that will be felt on her 21st.