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Something to smile about

While it's true that we're living in challenging times, it isn't all doom and gloom...

It's never been more important to share positive stories. At Sunshine People, kindness continues to drive us forward as we look to a more compassionate, community-led world.

Recently, founder Nahla Summers celebrated her 40th birthday with a Zoom party! She also began her training in earnest for her upcoming ElliptiGO bike ride, starting 1st August. She'll be supported by a dedicated challenge team, made up of kindness ambassadors from across the UK.


We also designed a brand new T-Shirt just in time for the warmer months, as well as a new bag and mug.

Meanwhile, over at BIG Talks...

BIG Talks, Sunshine People's sister company, is proud to have received funding from Awesome Birmingham to continue providing inspirational speakers for bespoke, after-school assemblies. The talks are geared towards encouraging secondary school students to think more deeply about a specific theme or topic. Each talk is attended by students, parents, and members of the local community, and features four to six world-class speakers from a variety of backgrounds.

Most recently, BIG Talks arranged for four speakers, each with their own unique motivational story, to inspire students at Warwick School. This included Mark Wood, polar explorer and adventurer, and Sarah Ross, award-winning author. The funding from Awesome Birmingham will enable even more students and schools to learn from the invaluable experiences of others. Talks are filmed and posted on YouTube for schools everywhere to access.

Looking ahead...

With Nahla's 2020 ElliptiGO Challenge fast approaching, we're excited to be able to share some of the acts of kindness that the team will complete, including:

  • Doing free listening

  • Giving away sleeping bags recycled from crisp packets

  • Giving 100 compliments

In a world where the power of kindness has never been more clear, we're asking organisations and individuals to consider how they can help to create a kinder world. Supporting our biggest challenge yet is just one way you could make a huge difference.

“The smallest act of kindness can have the biggest ripples.” Nahla Summers

Nahla in full training mode

Want to be part of the action? Check out

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