EU votes and our reactions

I had said I wouldn't talk about it, I would not fill social media with what I think as I didnt vote so why would I, I have shared with my parents my views

but talking to anyone else, it would feel like adding fuel to a fire in a hot country at midday, it just isn't needed. I don't read the papers or watch the news, I probably haven't since Paul died, he use to have Sky news running in the background and it made me sad to here the familiar sound of it after that. Additionally, through my journey of grief I realised that no good comes from being sucked into the media tales. I needed to focus on fixing me so thats what I did, we havent always had 'the news', so I went about avoiding it. Besides you will never know the truth behind what is reported. Someone is paying someone with an aim to achieve something that you will never know or could dream to understand. Too many people in the world are motivated by money for things to happen for the 'right' reason. If you think you weren't being completely led as you made your votes and gave your opinions on what you should or shouldn't believe then you do not understand our worlds media. The powers that be have no idea on how this is all going to pan out, there is not an MP or a person that has a plan for either way because they struggle to see the big picture, how could they its just too big. They will not lead they will be led, led by those who are motivated by the money. What amazes me and astounds me is that we are truly allowing this redicluous facade divide us. Have an opinion by all means, believe which ever side of the media spin doctors that you prefer, but for goodness sake dont lose the need to be kind to each other. No one has died, we are not a nation that has to drink contaminated water and go to the toilet in the street and it is very unlikely in truth we ever will. We are a nation that will adapt, those that want to find a way to be greater always will, and those in the world that want to be owed a living will complain it was because we are no longer with the EU that there lives are in turmoil. I have met some very opinionated people over the past month, they have not been opinionated on the EU but much more ridiculous subjects, winding themselves up and wanting to argue with others. I have to say the saying, 'opinions are like arseholes', is starting to take on a whole new meaning for me. By all means have opinions but don't waste energy on fighting those with different opinions, it is nonsense, keep it as a conversation not a fight. We are losing the reality of life and power of now. Your childrens lives are not ruined by a decision on the country. they are ruined by not being loved, they are ruined by not being taught to always be independent so that what ever comes to them they can and will survive. If you stop your basic morals though to be respectful and be kind, you have allowed the media to change you, change what should be in the core of every person. If we have kindness and respect then we will always be united and survive.

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