Apply to be a Sunshine People Ambassador

The role of the Sunshine People Ambassadors is to act as representatives for the social cause and to drive towards more kindness in society. Namely to engage with schools and be a point of contact in your local area.

Sunshine People is growing all the time and there are a thousand ways to support the Kindness cause. 

You can apply to be a Sunshine People ambassador in the form below 

(of which there will be 10 given this year). 


What does an Ambassador get? 

Well, firstly as a thank you, you will be gifted a Sunshine People hoodie once you have 5 schools committed to being Sunshine People school.

Secondly, you will be invited onto a team zoom call each month to chat kindness and hear first hand all the latest Sunshine People news and share your thoughts and ideas.

Thirdly, you will get to vote and have a say on the direction of the Sunshine People and the challenges as the years go on.


What do I have to do as an ambassador? 


Mainly you will just promote kindness!

In the schools you will ensure that you connect with them each term, see if there is anything they might need and report back.  Build a relationship wth them and make sure that all reh

Be a Sunshine People supporter and inspire others. There is so much going on, but you will be the first to know and be part of the kindness movement.  


As an Ambassador, we ask you to give a little time to help drive the message and promote kindness.


There are ambassadors on board who will support with Marketing and PR so if you have a skill that you want to donate a little bit of time each month then that is also appreciated.

Your support could include running your own sponsored challenge, maybe a run, walk, parachute jump, whatever takes your fancy.  However, you might also have a unique way you want to spread kindness in your community under the Sunshine People banner. 

There are so many ways to inspire and we are open to hearing how you can support. 


Register your interest by simply completing the below. 

Thanks for submitting your interest for being a Sunshine People ambassador. We will be in touch shortly with regards to this.