The day Caroline Flack died

It has not been confirmed how Caroline Flack died as this post is written. What is confirmed is the personal struggles of her life. The impending court case, the loss of position with ITV, the breakdown of her relationship and reputation. We know it because it is splashed across the news. Many pictures of her recently were with police officers or under the glare of camera flashes clearly in some distress. Her past viciously delved into with no thought for truth or consequence.

It will be a surprise to any of us if she died of an unknown medical condition, we already know that the way her life had played out in the past few months that it is likely she took her own life.

Peoples condolances already include connotations of 'hoping she can now rest' and 'poor darling girl'. Her final instgram post, she had chosen to turn the comments off!

It already tells us so much; that in fact we already knew this could happen. Poepel felt pity and the comments had taken there toll on her.

Everyone who posted hateful remarks, who continues to post hateful and opinionated remarks about a person they do not know, has to accept that there is a part they play in how someone feels about themselves.

If, as we suspect, she took her own life, she may have taken the action but in fact there are people who are responsible for the unkindness that drove her there.

Unkindness has a price to pay and with the ease in which we can all write a comment on social media, we also as a society need to start standing up against personal and hateful comments made.

Child suicide continues to increase because of the ease in which cyber bullying can take place. How many people will have to die in this way for society to say, enough.

Only we can make the change.

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