THe kindness movement

 We are Sunshine People, a social movement focused on positive social change and increased human connection through the power of kindness. 
Nahla, the founder does a challenge each year and asks people to show support by doing an act of kindness for a stranger.  She is currently breaking a World Record by travelling 5000 miles on an ElliptiGO bike and hopes to raise 1 million acts of kindness. 
Do your act of kindness to show your support then by sharing it and using the #sponsorkindness you will be counted towards being 1 in a million.
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After travelling 3450 miles around the UK she now attempts to finish her World Record attempt of 5000 miles on an EllitiGO by writing KINDNESS across England and ending on World Kindness day 13th November in Leicester.  You can see it develop on the below live tracker

(So grateful to GTC for supporting the initiative with the SPOT tracker)

Total acts to date

Heading 5
Heading 5

Be 1 in a million

Be 1 in a million and share your act of kindness right here.

The World record

Want to hear about Nahlas 2020 challenge to help make the 1 million acts happen.

Find out more here

Bring your tribe

Are you part of an organisation that wants to encourage Kindness as part of their ethos for 2020.


Get in touch if you or your organisation want to be part of the challenge for kindness.

Be inspired

We share some of the wonderful examples of kindness during the 1 million acts campaign

Whos taking part

Check out the organisations that are already getting behind the challenge.

About us

Nahla Summers, founder of Sunshine People, set up the organisation as a way to remember and honour her partner who died while on a charity cycle ride. She wanted to have his memory represented by something priceless. So she started to complete a challenge each year in his memory and instead of asking people to donate money, she asked them to donate a random act of kindness to show their support.
This has led to a global movement where people share kindness and are motivated to take action to inspire society. From workshops in schools to corporate organisational change, Sunshine People and its support is effecting all areas of the world.
Merchandise, films, social media, events and awards are all being produced to support the kindness movement set to bring us back to each other. 

THe 2018 Cycle across America 

In 2018, Nahla cycled 3000 miles across America...  

THe 2019 Walk 500 miles UK 

In 2019, Nahla walked 500 miles from South to North England....

The 2020 -

20 Challenges in 20 countries

Our Biggest challenge yet, 20 challenges in 20 counties, its going to be huge...

IN the Media


Sunshine People has been in the media, ALOT.  Take a look here to see why.

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